SS-01 • Advanced Power Electronics for Resilient Active Networks and Microgrids
Co-Chairs: Amjad Anvari-Moghaddam, Pooya Davari
SS-02 • Machine Vision, Communication and Control
Co-Chairs: Dr. Oleg Sergiyenko, Dr. Julio C. Rodríguez-Quiñonez, Dr. Wendy Flores-Fuentes, Dr. Moises Rivas-Lopez, Dr. Lars Lindner
SS-03 • Advances in Data-Driven Process Monitoring and Control for Complex Industrial Systems
Co-Chairs: Dr.-Ing. Hao Luo, Dr.-Ing. Zhiwen Chen, Prof. Yuri A. W. Shardt, Prof. Okyay Kaynak
SS-04 • Distributed Resilience Control, Privacy Protection, and Coordination for Complex Cyber-Physical Networks
Co-Chairs: Guanghui Wen, Haibo Du, Zhi-Wei Liu
SS-05 • Emerging Technologies for Advanced Motion Control and Mechatronics
Co-Chairs: Michael Ruderman, Sehoon Oh
SS-06 • Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
Co-Chairs: Prof. Max Mauro Dias Santos, Prof. Zonghua Gu
SS-07 • Advanced control for energy efficient powertrain
Co-Chairs: Hui Zhang, Shaohua Li, Chao Wei, Lipeng Zhang
SS-08 • New trends of Electrified Vehicles
Co-Chairs: Hui Zhang, Yi Yang, Weida Wang, Aijuan Li
SS-09 • Battery Modeling and Control with Industrial Applications
Co-Chairs: Huazhen Fang, Ziang Zhang, Jian Chen, Chengbin Ma
SS-10 • Advanced Multilevel Converters with DC Capacitors: Topology, Modulation, Voltage Balancing, and Control Strategies
Co-Chairs: Dr. Hani Vahedi, Dr. Mohamed Trabelsi, Prof. Kamal Al-Haddad
SS-11 • Advances in Battery Charging Techniques for Electric Vehicles
Co-Chairs: R. Sudharshan Kaarthik, Deepak Gunasekaran

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